Best Bets for Independent Classic and Foreign Films:


Museum of Fine Arts


Coolidge Corner Theatre
3 screens


Kendall Theatre
Kendall Square
9 screens

Brattle Theatre
Harvard Square


Embassy Theatre
6 screens


West Newton Cinema
6 screens


‘Here are some of the movies I recently saw, and liked and the mini reviews culled from the NYTimes

"High Rise"You know how the apartments on the higher floors are always quieter, have better views and cost more? In the London apartment tower in this futuristic drama, the social stratification by floor is officially sanctioned. And extreme. Tom Hiddleston plays a doctor who has just moved into the upper level. Jeremy Irons is the architect. All the rich people are happy at their decadent parties until power failures start afflicting the lower floors, and class war — the real thing — breaks out. Ben Wheatley directed. to hus head in this tyhriller direc ted by Jodie Foster

Money Monster George Clooney and Julia Roberts together again. Clooney plays a financial TV persinality ,"Mad Money "style who in the middle of a live broadcast is taken hostage, along with his crew. The ginman (Jack Oconnell) financially ruined by bad investment advice wants explamations and justice. Directed by Jodie Foster.

★ ‘Eye in the Sky’ (R, 1:42) This suspenseful film about an American drone attack on a terrorist meeting place in Nairobi, Kenya, is grim farce in which unpredictable human behavior repeatedly threatens an operation of astounding technological sophistication. Helen Mirren, in one of her fiercest screen performances, plays the chilly officer in charge of an operation to capture a radicalized Englishwoman she has been pursuing for years. But as the moment of capture arrives, her plans abruptly change when a cyborg beetle, a small surveillance device, reveals two inhabitants strapping on explosives for a suicide mission. (Holden)

‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’ (R, 1:30) An irresistible, stealthily touching Sally Field plays an outwardly ridiculous woman in her 60s who falls in love with a much younger man (Max Greenfield). The director Michael Showalter oversells the goods, but resistance is futile. (Dargis)