Best Bets for Independent Classic and Foreign Films:


Museum of Fine Arts


Coolidge Corner Theatre
3 screens


Kendall Theatre
Kendall Square
9 screens

Brattle Theatre
Harvard Square


Embassy Theatre
6 screens


West Newton Cinema
6 screens


Here is a collection of movies you should try to see prior to Academy Awards night Feb 26.

According to most critics ,they all seem ripe  and ready to be well qialified 'contendas"

Getting the earliest buzz is the fanciful musical "La La Land" Since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August

 it has ben gaining steam as "the one to beat".It opens Dec 9. this upbeat film might be the answer for the post-election blues

Another film on your list should be "Manchester by ther Sea", starring Ben's brother Casey Afflecl. A bit of a downer,but extremely well-crafted.

Barry Jenkins’s deeply personal “Moonlight,” a coming-of-age story about a black boy growing up gay and poor in Miami. Already a critical darling and, by indie standards, a box-office hit, its subject now seems evermore poignant, as many people of color and those who are lesbian, gay, transgender or questioning feel under threat from the incoming administration and its supporters. 

‘THE BIRTH OF A NATION’  The director Nate Parker’s film about Nat Turner, who led a bloody slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831, is an ambitious attempt to bring history to the screen. Mr. Parker, who also stars, relies a little too heavily on genre conventions and Hollywood revenge clichés, muddying the film’s political impact. But the movie also has a blunt emotional force, and glimmers of insight into the awful realities of 19th-century American slavery.