The Art of Rose deSmith Greenman

  • Who Will Speak?
    Number: 0-188
    Title: Who Will Speak?
    Date: Undated
  • My Goodness! How Everyone Has Changed!
    Number: G-46
    Title: My Goodness! How Everyone Has Changed!
    Date: 2/3/73
    Medium: Ink on cardboard
    Size: 8 x 12
  • Portrait of Woman
    Number: C-309
    Title: Portrait of Woman
    Medium: Pencil on white
    Size: 4 x 6
  • Family Participation
    Number: C-332
    Title: Family Participation
    Date: 12/8/71
    Medium: Green ink on paper
    Size: 6-1/4 x 9
  • Image C-360
    Number: C-360
    Date: 1/15/74
    Medium: Mixed media
    Size: 8 x 11
  • Image C-480
    Number: C-480
    Date: 12/9/77
    Medium: Ink on paper
    Size: 8 x 11
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